4 Truths About Alcohol Addiction

alcohol addictionAn addiction to alcohol can be a very dangerous way to live both for yourself and others nearby. You don’t simply put your life at risk as your decisions can impact everything and everyone around you. The next time you feel as though you need to lose yourself in a bottle, keep these facts in mind. It could help you make a better decision to live.

Truths About Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism Is More Dangerous Than Many Street Drugs

An addiction to alcohol can be more dangerous than street drugs due to the fact that beverages are widely available. Convenience stores, grocery and liquor stores can easily supply you with alcohol. This means your habit can be perpetuated indefinitely without legal risks. Because of this accessibility, alcoholism is more difficult to overcome than a large portion of illegal substances.

Alcoholism Can Start at Any Age

In 2012, roughly one-third of children have consumed alcohol before the eighth grade. There are many attributes to what causes this behavior ranging from parental influence to peer pressure. While accessibility plays a prominent role in underage drinking, the child’s environment at home can amplify the problem. It’s this reason why drinking parents should seek help soon rather than subject their children to a future of alcohol abuse.

Rehabilitation Works…If You Want It To

Rehabilitation therapy works for alcoholism as long as you want it to. Those that go in and out of these facilities often don’t get what they need from the experience because they refuse to believe they have a problem. A halfway house can be ideal for helping alcoholics as long as they are willing to make decisions that affect their lifestyles. This may include giving up childhood friends that enable the drinking in the first place.

There is No Truly Safe Limit

While some will say that two drinks at lunch should be the max for individuals that like to drink, it can still be too much. Everyone’s physiology is unique, and one person may have a different reaction to alcohol than another. Allergies, blood types, weight, food consumption and many other factors play a role in how drunk someone can get off of any particular drink.

An Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center can help you live life to its fullest. By learning and understanding the complications of alcoholism, you could make better decisions that can keep yourself and those around you safe. The experiences of life go beyond the problems you face, and you may be missing out on some of the greatest moments. Get the help you need by contacting a rehab facility. You don’t have to face your problems alone.

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8 thoughts on “4 Truths About Alcohol Addiction”

    1. That’s great that he came to the realization. Too many times we try to help those that are addicted, but they have to make the ultimate choice in the end.

  1. Alcohol is just a small complicated molecule you allow to enter your body. It performs everything it wants inside you. The effects are not really noticeable and drinkers are not completely aware of all its negative effects.

    1. You’re right about how the effects are so small and not really noticed until it is too late. We all need to be more aware of the present and what we are doing to avoid trouble down the line.

  2. Nobody is truly shielded from the threat of alcoholism, simply because access to alcohol is legal. Even if you say you have a high tolerance for it and don’t get drunk easily, our bodies change as we age. People these days are lucky because there are other people who have devoted their lives to providing support for those who have had one too many.

    1. I think too that some people that claim they have a high tolerance just don’t realize the smaller ways drinking effects their decision making process. Too many times we think “it’s just one more drink” when in reality that one more drink can spell disaster.

  3. Thanks for sharing this info about alcoholism. It is true that alcohol addiction is a serious condition, and should be treated that way. The halfway houses sound like a great option when it comes to recovery too. They would definitely build a nice support group for everyone struggling with the same addictions!

  4. Hi Don Dulin!!
    I have read your article and found that all the facts you have mentioned above about alcohol addiction are true. I also think that alcohol addiction does not have any age limit. People of any age can start drinking alcohol. Thanks for sharing this article with us and i will look further for more information from you. Alcohol addiction can be proved dangerous than anything else that we can have.
    Alice Guant

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