14 Factors That Sabotage People’s Intelligence


Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, your intellect and ability to make smart decisions just isn’t where it should be?

Don’t worry, this is something most people experience at some point.

The truth is that there are common factors that can be contributing to this feeling without us even being aware of it.

Fortunately, improving our intelligence doesn’t have to be complicated; with a few lifestyle changes and conscious effort we can increase our overall intelligence.

We’ll explore the 14 top factors that sabotage people’s intelligence so that you will know what areas to focus on for personal improvement!

#1. Failing to Engage in Creative Activities

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Staying away from the colorful world of creative activities secretly steals the nourishing boost that creativity offers our minds.

Stepping back from artistic and innovative pursuits slowly washes the color out of our thinking world, dimming the bright colors of imaginative thought and creative problem-solving.

Choosing to start on creative paths, then, flowers into an important step, breathing life into our thinking world with a rich mix of innovative thoughts and ideas.

#2. Watching TV

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TV’s easy entertainment might do more than relax us; it might also be softly shaving points off our mental sharpness.

Being glued to those shows, without needing to engage our brains too much, could gradually make our thinking more sluggish.

Mixing in some activities that make us think a bit more could keep our brains lively and engaged.

#3. Eating Junk Food and Too Much Sugar

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Indulging in the sweet and salty treats might be hitting our brain power and waistlines.

All those yummy bites might not give our brains the good stuff to keep our memory and think clear and sharp.

Being more mindful of what we eat is good for our bodies and a sweet treat for our brains.

#4. Staying Up Late

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Choosing to burn the midnight oil with our screens might be sneakily stealing the refreshing sleep our brains need.

Good, deep sleep is the foundation supporting our thinking and feeling worlds.

So, opting for a peaceful night’s sleep could be vital in keeping our thinking sharp.

#5. Not Exercising

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Skipping out on exercise might be doing more than just slowing down our physical fitness; it might also subtly dampen our smarts.

Regular workouts do more than tone our bodies; they also bolster our brains, polishing our memory and decision-making.

Staying dedicated to moving our bodies is like throwing a party for our mental powers, helping our minds thrive even when life gets rocky.

#6. Not Enough Vitamins and Minerals

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Going without all the right vitamins and minerals might be quietly sanding down our cognitive sharpness.

It’s hard to miss the strong link between getting all the proper nutrients and keeping our brains in good working order.

A nutrient-packed diet is crucial to wrapping our minds in the gentle, nourishing power of vital vitamins and minerals.

#7. Multi-Tasking

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The sneaky appeal of multi-tasking might hide the secret cost it takes on our brains.

Trying to do many things at once can spread our thinking too thin and plant seeds of distraction that eat away at our focus.

In keeping our minds well, savoring the calm joy of doing one thing at a time stands as a quiet protector, keeping our focus wide and deep.

#8. Chronic Stress

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The heavy load of ongoing stress doesn’t just weigh down our feelings; it can also gently eat away our thinking processes.

Steady stress can cloud our memory, attention, and decision-making, quietly chipping away our mental strengths under its dark shadow.

Finding a safe harbor in ways to manage our stress becomes key, guarding our minds against the quiet creep of chronic stress.

#9. Substance Abuse

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Walking the rocky road of substance abuse leads us on a risky journey filled with mind-traps.

Overdoing it with substances harms our bodies and washes away our mental sharpness in a flood of cognitive struggles.

Deciding to use substances cautiously becomes a firm friend, helping us keep our minds and overall health safe.

#10. Excessive Time on Social Media

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While offering a social link, the captivating worlds of social media also spin a web that might trap our mental energy.

Spending too much time diving into social media’s virtual worlds can silently squeeze our real-world thinking skills, gently shrinking our focus and memory.

Choosing to engage with social media mindfully and in moderation helps keep our thinking free from the quiet impact of too much online socializing.

#11. Environmental Toxins

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Moving through a world filled with different environmental toxins softly wears down our mental fortress.

These invisible enemies, found in pollutants and other harmful things, sneakily poke holes in our mental abilities, gently shaking our mental sharpness.

Making a conscious effort to reduce our exposure and improve our living spaces becomes a bright light, helping keep our minds safe amidst the widespread risk of environmental dangers.

#12. Relying on Technology for Everything

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Leaning on technology for every little thing might quietly dull our problem-solving skills.

When our brains get too used to just fetching answers from gadgets, our own thinking muscles might not get the workout they need.

Mixing some good old-fashioned brainpower with our tech use might help keep our minds in tip-top shape.

#13. Avoiding Mindfulness Practices

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Leaving behind the peaceful world of mindfulness and meditation silently lessens our mental strength and peace. 

Ignoring the nurturing effect of mindful activities lets stress and disorder quietly sneak into our thinking world, slowly sanding away our mental clearness and peace. 

So, welcoming the calm spaces of mindfulness steps forward as a key friend, keeping our mental peace safe even when life’s seas get stormy.

#14. Thinking You Are Smart

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Keeping the belief that our intelligence is unchangeable accidentally stops the spring of possible mental growth. 

A fixed mindset, which sees intelligence as a set trait, might hold back our ability to change and learn. 

Growing a mindset that values continuous learning and takes on challenges and steps forward is fundamental to opening up our full mental potential.

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