Conquer Mondays and Rule the Week with 14 Game-Changing Tips!

Ready to crush Mondays and rule the rest of your week?

Let’s do this!

We all have days when it feels like everything is going wrong, but by taking back control of your day with these 14 game-changing tips, you can make Monday (and every other day) a success.

You won’t believe how easy it can be to start the week off strong. 

From simple hacks for better productivity to motivation boosters that help you keep going no matter what life throws at you.

Whether you’re the CEO of a big company or juggling freelancing after hours, let’s get ready to conquer this Monday (and every Monday!).

#1. Eat the Frog

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Not everyone is necessarily the type to avoid complex tasks until the last possible moment. 

Instead, Monday might be the perfect day to get everything done so they don’t have to stress out for the rest of the week. 

This is why some people take the “eat the frog” approach to Mondays, gritting their teeth and getting through the most challenging tasks first so that everything is easier to finish by comparison. 

If you have a ton of work during the week, you can always use this strategy each day beyond Monday!

#2. Cold Morning Shower

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There’s nothing like a cold shower to shock your senses awake!

A few seconds of frigid water will rev up your heart rate, stimulate the nervous system, and make you feel fully alive.

Plus, it’s been scientifically proven to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

So go ahead, jump in that icy shower & get ready to take on Monday morning with renewed energy!

#3. Listen to Empowering Music

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One seemingly universal strategy is listening to upbeat music to motivate and prepare for the day. 

Music can be powerful and put us in an entirely different mindset. 

Whether you like to listen to music when you’re getting ready in the morning or you want to listen to music while doing your work, create a playlist of jams that get you pumped so you can get through Monday just a bit easier. 

As new songs come out, you can always build upon your playlists to make them more effective.

#4. Positive Affirmations

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Life is stressful. It’s easy to get down when we think about how much we have to do. 

This is why some people kick off their week with positive affirmations reminding them that they are strong enough to achieve this and can achieve their goals. 

Positive affirmations come in many forms, which gives you control over how you approach this exercise. 

Some people like to write them down in a journal and say them, while others like to repeat them while meditating. If they interest you, give them a try. 

#5. Have a Special Monday Breakfast

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Self-care is one of the best ways to get through life. It helps you get excited about something and set aside time to focus solely on yourself without worrying about anything else.

One great way to achieve this and treat yourself is having a special Monday breakfast. 

Some people describe how they might make pancakes, cappuccinos or even go out to eat on Mondays to get excited for the week ahead and have an incentive to get through this week and the following Monday. 

Make sure to vary things so you don’t get bored with your treats.

#6. Counting Down to Your Time Off

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Some people find intrinsic motivation in the work they do. 

For others, work is a source of anxiety and frustration. One way people start their Monday to get through the day and the week is to remind themselves how much time is left until they’re off. 

This might mean dividing and counting down the hours until you’re out of the office or how many days until your next weekend break or vacation. 

Is it the best way to get through work? Maybe not. However, it does help most people get through each day so that they stick to what they’re doing rather than giving up and quitting.

#7. Taking Care of Meal Prep

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A lot of people like to prep their meals ahead of time. After all, most of us are busy, and there are not enough hours to cook dinner, lunch, and breakfast and still do everything we need to do. 

If you have a relatively available Monday morning, use this time to take care of your meal prep for the week so that you’re not rushing to find something that you can eat at work or something that you can throw together for dinner. 

If you’re on a diet, you can stick to it better with meal planning.

#8. Keep Monday Light Workwise

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If you’re lucky enough to set your schedule or have a boss who works with you to help you through the week, try to reduce the work required to get through on Monday. 

The last thing you want to do on Monday is come back from a relaxing few days off only to get right back into work mode and start stressing yourself out before the first day has come and gone. 

See how you can make it easier to ease into Monday so you can set the tone for the rest of the week.

#9. Schedule Fake Meetings So You Have Time to Handle All of Your Emails

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Monday can be a hectic day. 

Most people want to hit the ground running as soon as the weekend is over. 

However, some people have found a way to circumvent the overwhelm that traditionally accompanies Mondays. 

One person schedules a fake meeting until the afternoon so that no one can bother them, and they can focus on things like clearing out the hundreds of emails accumulated during the weekend. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to dive into work after a break, you might be able to use this tip in your professional role.

#10. Remind Yourself What You’re Powering Through the Week for

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There may be many reasons why you do the things you do. Some have to power through their professional role to properly care for their families and keep a roof over their heads. 

For others, they have goals that they want to achieve, even if they have to go through a period in life where they’re not entirely happy

If you’re having difficulty getting through Mondays, set up reminders of why you need to get through the day and the week. 

They can be quite powerful when they’re right in front of you.

#11. Start Your Day Off Properly Hydrated

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Most people reach for a cup of coffee when their feet hit the floor. For some, this is an excellent way to start the day. 

But others find they’re still tired and sluggish even though they drink copious amounts of caffeine. 

Some people have found that drinking more water is a significant game-changer in their Monday routine. 

Water keeps you hydrated, boosts your energy levels more effectively, and will get things in your body working better than coffee might. 

That’s not to say you need to eliminate coffee entirely from your routine. 

However, you may benefit more from getting a tall glass of cold water each Monday morning before other methods. 

#12. Give Yourself A Reasonable Goal

overworked woman
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Set yourself up for success by creating a realistic goal to focus on.

Identify something small but meaningful you can accomplish, and make it your mission to do one thing at a time.

Focus on getting the right things done instead of trying too many things in one day.

By setting manageable goals, you’re more likely to stay on track & complete your tasks.

So, take a few minutes to think about your day and come up with one thing you can do to move the needle forward.

#13. Prioritize Essentials

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Start the week off with a plan of attack. 

Make sure to prioritize the essentials, tasks you need to finish before moving onto other less pressing duties. 

Getting the tough stuff done first will help keep you on track and feeling accomplished throughout the week.

#14. Get Moving

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Don’t just sit there! 

Depending on your preference, this could mean going for a short walk or jog, taking a yoga class, doing some simple stretching exercises or lifting weights. 

Even just getting up and moving around your office can make a difference. 

Taking the time to get physical will help you clear your head and gain clarity on how to spend the rest of your day.

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