266 Useful Meditation Affirmations: How To Use Them


Using positive affirmations and meditation are both very powerful ways to develop the right mindset and bring calm and stability into our lives.

Meditation has been a large part of my life and it is where I find my sanctuary.

In this post, I wish to share a list of positive meditation affirmations that you can incorporate into your next session.

They will help you to ease anxiety and relieve stress and to bring harmony into your mind.


What are affirmations?

In a nutshell, an affirmation is the repetition of a positive phrase.

They’re designed to encourage and uplift you, reminding you of your worth and helping keep negative thoughts at bay.

A simple example would be: “I am worthy and deserving of love.”

This is one of the most common affirmations I use in my life.

It reminds me that I deserve to be treated with love and respect, even when I feel like I don’t measure up or when someone makes me feel like I don’t belong.

The above affirmation can also be used as a mantra during meditation.

Why are affirmations good for meditation? Can you meditate with affirmations?

Meditation is all about mindfulness, so it’s a great idea to practice affirmations while you’re meditating.

Affirmations are just a way to direct your thoughts and focus your mind on something positive, so you can use them to make the most of your meditation.

They’re particularly helpful when you find yourself feeling negative or self-critical – in other words when you aren’t being mindful!

Affirmations are really just a tool for self-love and self-compassion.

When we say an affirmation, we’re reminding ourselves of what’s good about us, which helps us cultivate the loving-kindness that makes us more productive and happier in life.

On top of that, affirmations help us remember that not everything has to be perfect in order to be good and they help us learn how to handle the imperfections that come our way by teaching us how to love ourselves through them.

All of this is why affirmations are such a great tool for meditation, and why they might even be the best tool for meditation!

How do affirmations affect your mind?

Your mind is like a computer, and affirmations are like an essential software upgrade.

Your mind is constantly running.

It’s processing information and emotions, making decisions and problem-solving, and forming opinions about the world around you.

But just like a computer, your mind needs to be optimized in the right way if you want it to work at its full potential.

The power of affirmations stems from the fact that they touch our subconscious minds.

The subconscious mind is what holds all our memories and experiences since birth.

It also plays a role in controlling our conscious thoughts by filtering out any negative thoughts or emotions we have experienced in the past.

When you start using affirmations, which are essentially self-talk statements that are positive and specific, your mind will start responding differently to situations both big and small.

The more you use affirmations, the more they’ll become a habit, and they’ll begin to change how you think all on their own.

How to use affirmations in meditation?

Affirmations are phrases that are positive and go along with what you want to achieve.

These can be repeated out loud or silently, to yourself, and as many times as you want.

Affirmations may also be incorporated into your meditation practice.

This is what a typical meditation session for me looks like:

Find a comfortable seated position (cross-legged on the floor or sitting in a chair) and close your eyes

Take 5 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to help yourself relax

Then begin repeating your affirmation silently to yourself over and over again as you breathe normally

As thoughts about tomorrow’s meeting or what you have for dinner pop into your head, bring yourself gently back to repeating the mantra, again and again until the time is up!

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How to come up with your own meditation affirmations?

Here are some exercises to help you come up with your own affirmations:

Notice your inner critic.

Take a moment and think about some of the negative things you say to yourself.

These can be common thoughts, like “I’ll never get this right,” or any of the other ways you beat yourself up on a daily basis.

Write them down on a piece of paper.

Notice your inner cheerleader.

You already know how to criticize yourself, but what do you say when things go well? It’s important to recognize when you accomplish something good, even if it seems small in comparison to other people’s accomplishments.

Writing down words like “I did it!” or “that felt great” will help create an important counterpoint to your inner critic, so that other doesn’t drown out all the positive messages about who you are and what you bring into the world.

Find your mantra.

After writing down both negative and positive thoughts, look over them and find one affirmation that feels right for where you’re at right now.

This may be something as simple as “I am enough.” That affirmation is yours: use it whenever self-doubt creeps in during yoga class or elsewhere in life!

Find your own affirmations and use them over time

If you’re new to meditation, you might find it difficult to turn off your mind and stop thinking.

Affirmations are a great way to train your mind so that it will stop wandering when you sit for meditation.

Affirmations work best if repeated over time.

The more often you say them, the deeper they go into your subconscious and the more power they have.

Start out with simple consonant sounds or a mantra like “om.” Eventually, move on to affirmations like those in the list below.

Once you get used to repeating these affirmations during meditation, try writing some of your own and make them specific to things going on in your life. For example:

I am loved by many people in my life

I am good at what I do

My health is improving every day

The Best Affirmations for Meditation

If you’re just starting out, it’s usually best to use positive affirmations that are simple and straightforward.

Remember, the point is to feel more comfortable while saying them, so don’t say anything you don’t fully believe! As you progress along, you will be able to develop your own affirmation meditation script in no time.

Here is a list of some of the most common and effective affirmations for meditation.

You can use them before a session to get your mind ready, or you can use them during the session itself.

Adapt them to your own words or use them as they are. The choice is yours.

I am free from stress and worry.

I let go of all fear and replace this with love.

My body is relaxed and calm.

I easily achieve a state of absolute relaxation.

My meditation practice is getting better by the day.

I am loved, loving, and lovable.

I allow myself special time for contemplation.

All is well with my soul.

I feel the benefits of meditation.

I can feel the stress slowly leaving my body.

Love is my anchor.

My day runs more smoothly when I take the time for quiet contemplation.

Eternal peace flows to and through me.

All my troubles are behind me.

I am infinite.

The entire universe is assisting me to feel good.

My breathing is slow.

By quieting my mind, I allow answers to arise from within.

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Through meditation, I open myself to inner joy and knowledge.

In this moment, I have everything I need.

I can accept and handle whatever life throws at me.

I slowly detach myself from everything.

Nothing will disturb my practice.

Meditation affirmations for sleep

Meditation lets me approach my life with a lighter, calmer heart.

I love spending quiet time in my inner sanctuary.

I rejuvenate my being in the peacefulness of my inner sanctuary.

I can feel how I’m detaching from the external world and immersing into my mind.

My mind is becoming quiet and relaxed.

I surrender to this feeling of eternal peacefulness.

I am committed to my meditation practice.

I am focused on the present moment.

I regularly find time for solitude and stillness.

Through quiet meditation, I discover my true purpose in life.

I meditate every morning before I start my day.

My inner space is my power space.

I have a strong mind and a strong body.

I am free from any thoughts.

Everything is good.

I contemplate the wonders of life daily.

I emerge from meditation with renewed energy and inspiration.

I receive perfect guidance through daily meditation.

I am a naturally quiet and calm person.

My breathing is relaxed and easy.

My mind and body heal with each breath.

I focus completely on my practice.

Today I focus on what makes me feel good.

Nothing can disturb my peace.

I can let go of my thoughts at will.

I accept all of myself.

Meditation affirmations for healing

I hold space for myself and honor my needs.

I have positive energy inside me.

I feel peaceful and relaxed.

Quiet stillness fills my being now.

My heart is grateful and my mind is at peace.

Life is beautiful. I have time. All is well.

I am present.

My mind is clear and my body is relaxed.

Peace is within me.

Meditation helps me develop lightness of being and a harmonious life.

I cherish every opportunity to enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation.

Quietude is a gift I give my being each day.

I honor my truth.

My meditation practice is an important part of my life.

I am entirely focused on meditation.

I declutter my mind.

With every breath I take, I allow my being to return to source.

I’m a vibrational match to all I desire.

I feel the positive energy in me and around me.

My meditation practice is improving.

I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.

My mind is quiet and calm.

I rise early so that I can enjoy the silent sanctuary of meditation.

I meditate deeply.

Today is a miracle.

I love myself fully now as I continue to evolve.

In the stillness of thought, I hear the wisdom of my heart.

I easily let go of tension and tightness in my body.

I am calm, centered, and focused.

I take time to rejuvenate myself in silence.

I am good at releasing mental tension.

Meditation affirmations for happiness

I use meditation to connect with the eternal wisdom within my being.

As I relax in silent meditation all the muscles of my body let go.

I am pure, positive energy.

I am true to myself, always.

My inner sanctuary is always there when I need it.

My mind and body are connected.

I feel strong in my body.

I spend time each day reflecting on things.

Today I ignore the ego’s mental chatter and instead focus on my quiet voice within.

I radiate with peaceful energy.

With each breath, I feel more at peace.

With clarity of mind, I feel abundance and worthiness coming through.

I make inner quietude a daily habit.

My mind is clear and focused.

I am eternal.

I inhale love. I exhale suffering.

I am light.

I am happy.

My body has the power to heal itself.

Through daily meditation, I discover my true self within.

I practice the path of least resistance.

Through quiet meditation I allow my being to return to source.

Meditation gives me renewed energy and insight.

I go with the flow and feel my connection to the stream of life.

Every day is a new beginning.

I focus only on the positive in my life.

I can take deep breaths.

My experience on earth is crammed with heaven.

I release tension and anxiety.

Meditation brings me closer to my creative self.

I spend time on my birthday to reflect on my life with immense gratitude.

Law of attraction gives me all I need and desire – and so it is.

Meditation is becoming easier every time I practice.

My life is going well.

I release anxiety and stress with every exhale.

I enjoy spending time in quietude.

I am breathing in. I am breathing out.

I am releasing the tension from my body.

Meditation affirmations before sleep

I sit in silent meditation as a gesture of respect to my inner being.

Practicing quiet contemplation helps me align with my true purpose.

I am surrounded by peaceful energy.

I create time and space to meditate every day.

I have the ability to quiet my thinking mind.

I maintain alignment with my source energy.

I choose to release my anxiety.

All my troubles are slowly melting away.

Today I align myself with freedom, growth, and joy.

I use meditation to discover my true self within.

I am grateful for every moment of peace.

My thoughts are quiet.

I live in love.

I will meditate every day.

My mind is becoming highly focused and perfectly calm.

Through quiet meditation, I discover my body’s innate ability to be whole and well.

I will let go of all worries.

Becoming calm comes naturally to me.

I bring forth the quality of calm and well-being my nurturing my inner being.

As I relax, my body and mind begin to merge as one.

Meditation lets me know the invisible me.

Peace is my natural state.

I am in control of my emotions, thoughts, and actions.

I know that meditation is a retreat into reality.

Through meditation, I hear the whispers of my soul.

In quietude, I converse with the gods.

I am enough, just as I am.

I lead with love.

I feel peaceful, grounded, and secure.

I can find time for myself and my needs.

I feel safe in my body.

Today I rejoice in who I am.

I will focus my mind on the present moment.

I surrender my worries.

I release all thoughts I had before this practice.

I use repetitive tasks to focus my being inwards.

I take time every day to commune with my inner being.

I inhale peace. I exhale worry.

Meditation affirmations for love

Meditating rejuvenates my mind.

I release all thoughts and quiet my mind.

I make time every day for quiet meditation.

Mental serenity is mine.

My mind is naturally calm and tranquil.

I am grateful for the breath that flows through my lungs.

I am peaceful.

Every day I spend time in quiet meditation to rejuvenate my entire being.

I now breathe and move into my natural well-being.

Through meditation, I peacefully rejoin my true inner being.

I am aligned with my highest self.

I feel the benefits I get from practicing daily.

I am whole.

Quiet meditation brings harmony to my work and my home.

I am naturally gifted at meditation.

I am love.

My mind is at ease.

I am able to relax my body at any time.

Love is my natural state.

I am guided towards positive things.

I can achieve complete peace.

When I quiet my mind, I easily hear the wisdom of my inner voice.

I am connected to a higher intelligence that speaks to me when I meditate.

I feed my soul daily by through the practice of quiet meditation.

I allow myself to rest whenever my body expresses the need.

Everything is well in this moment.

I am fully committed to my meditation practices.

Every moment I spend in quiet contemplation brings welcomed balance into my life.

I am surrounded by positive energy.

I connect with my inner wisdom daily by taking the time to quiet my mind.

Meditating energizes my whole being.

I release every thought I had before meditation.

I align myself today with pure, fun positive energy.

My mind is empty of all useless information.

My heart and soul are at peace.

I choose to love my imperfect self perfectly.

I can detach from all concerns and worries.

I have a peaceful mind.

Quiet meditation enriches my life in ways that no material objects can.

Love flows to and through me.

I am detached from everything.

Inspired by my source within, I act accordingly with love.

I am at peace within myself.

Meditation helps me clear my mind of negative chatter and fill it with thoughts of love and abundance.

I am radiating peace and harmony.

Meditation improves my health and well-being.

Meditation helps me to get in touch with my rich inner resources.

I visit my quiet inner sanctuary ever day.

With every breath I take, I return to my infinite center of being.

I release all resistance of the past and move into the present moment.

I love all parts of me equally.

My quiet mind is as important as my thinking mind.

When my mind and body are still, my spirit reunites with the universal force that is all things.

Taking time to be quiet and stop my thinking is one of the best gifts I give myself.

I find time to meditate every day.

My quiet mind is a peaceful sanctuary that I can visit any time.

I own my power and strength.

The silence of meditation helps me to reconnect with my soul.

I take time to be alone, reflect, and enjoy the quiet.

Meditation comes naturally to me.

Meditation affirmations for anxiety

I inhale peace and harmony. I exhale stress and worries.

I practice quiet meditation to recharge my mind and my life.

I will release all stress and tension when I meditate.

I leave all my problems outside this room.

My breathing is slow and relaxed.

Love guides me.

Peace flows through my mind and body.

Through quiet meditation, I discover my strengths and talents.

I play many roles in life, but the most important one is when I play none.

I find time each day to simply be.

All my thoughts are okay.

I am at peace with myself.

I am peace.

Today I am allowing time for the healing power of meditation in my life.

I feel empowered and refreshed after meditation.

I am grounded.

I am finding it easier to detach from my thoughts.

By being still and quiet, I discover my inner wisdom.

Practicing quiet meditation helps me meet challenges with a more relaxed mind.

I am connected, protected, and whole.

I am strong and powerful.

Every cell of my body is aligned with gratitude and love.

Quiet meditation revitalizes my body and refreshes my spirit.

Every day I take time to listen to the quiet voice within me.

I am completely present in this moment.

I release the need for control and surrender.

Releasing mental tension feels nice.

I am happy when I meditate.

I meditate daily to reacquaint myself with my true being.

Each day my meditation practice is getting better.

I know deep inner peace.

Meditation helps me approach life with more energy and peace.

In love, I am whole.

This moment is exactly as it’s meant to be.

My body is a powerful healer.

I am willing to spend time each day being quiet and still.

My heart is strong. My mind is healthy. My spirit is radiant.

Every muscle of my body is completely relaxed.

I let go of my worries.

I am in control of all aspects of my life.

As I relax in my mind, I relax in my body.

I can remain calm in frustrating and stressful situations.

Life is good for me just the way I intended.

I find it easy to quiet my mind.

I look forward to my daily meditation.

I communicate with the Universal Force daily.

Meditation allows me to tap into the unlimited potential of the universe.

I am fully aligned with myself.

Silent meditation allows me to reunite with my soul.

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