170 Jealousy Affirmations To Boost Your Confidence Sky High

Jealousy is the green eyed monster that lurks in our minds, waiting to strike its next blow and wreak havoc.

When you let jealousy take over, you lose confidence and start to mistrust people around you and yourself too.

This inherently causes problems which can lead to serious consequences. 

Have you ever been affected by jealousy before? Do you want to overcome it and build more confidence in your own abilities? Overthinking is a surefire way to create doubts.

Start practicing jealousy affirmations which can implant positive thoughts into your mind and rid it of negative ones that clouds your judgement. You are far better than that.

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What causes jealousy?

Jealousy comes from within, when we start to develop feelings of low self esteem and lack of confidence and trust.

You start to feel the need to possess something for fear of losing it. 

The problem is, this causes a lot of stress to both yourself and your loved ones and can put a strain on the relationship.

By building up your own confidence and self esteem, you can overcome these negative thoughts and make life better for yourself.

Here are a few Self-Reflection Questions to ponder over when you start having such negative thoughts:

1. Do I have valid reasons to be jealous?
2. Does my jealousy stem from insecurity?
3. Am I overly controlling and suspicious in my relationships?

Affirmations to overcome jealousy and more

I have put together a long list of positive self affirmations that can help you to boost your confidence and start trusting.

Use the guide above and start adding these affirmations into your daily routine now.

Give it some time to see results as your mind starts to get infused with these strong words and beliefs.

Here’s what you will find in this list:

Anti-jealousy affirmations

Affirmations for insecurity

I am letting go of all the past hurts.

My mind is filled with happy and calming thoughts.

My mind is always filled with pure and positive thoughts.

I know that I am my only competition.

My partner has chosen to be with me and even if this should change I am strong enough on my own.

My relationship is a huge part of my life and I will not jeopardise this.

I release all my embodied jealousy!

I add value to those around me.

I openly discuss any issues I have with my partner and/or friends.

I am pure positive energy.

I enjoy being in a relationship.

I realise that it is important for my partner to have friends of the opposite sex.

I am becoming more relaxed in my relationship.

Covetousness is not fitting for God’s people.

I deserve good people in my life.

I am turning into someone who is more trusting.

I am happy with who I am today.

I am naturally becoming more confident and positive.

I see the good in any situation.

My confidence is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

I am calm and relaxed.

I am surrounded by loving, supportive and loyal people.

I am done with all jealousy.

I am a happy, positive person with an interesting and fulfilling life.

I clear all the ways I feel like boiling over with jealousy!

I am constantly working towards my dream life.

I clear all the ways this jealousy is affecting my body and my life!

I learn from my jealousy and let it go.

I am turning into a more trusting person.

I only compare myself to who I was yesterday.

I clear all the ways I fear rejection!

My relationship makes me happy.

I radiate positivity and confidence.

I am in love with my failures.

Without them, I would not be who I am and I like me, thank you very much.

I am relaxed and secure with myself.

I never compare myself to anyone.

I love the way I look.

I am always supported.

I clear all the ways I am consumed by jealousy!

I let go of any jealous related thoughts.

I have a unique personality.

I am letting go of all my resentment and jealousy.

I release jealousy and comparing myself to others.

I will be happy for others instead of being jealous of them.

I release all this hardened jealousy!

I am a joy to be around.

My growth negative stops.

I am completely secure and confident with myself.

My life is easy and effortless.

The success of others shows me what wonderful things are possible.

They inspire me, not defeat me.

I know that I am my only competition.

Affirmations for trust issues

I feel good and awesome all the time.

I know that I am valuable and worthy.

I clear and release all my angry thoughts and feelings!

My self esteem grows stronger every day.

I know that there is no one but me that my partner is interested in.

I find that I can easily express my opinions and feelings without insecurities.

I attract healthy and secure relationships.

I am becoming happier every day.

I am turning into a more trusting and honorable person.

Other people see me as happy and fulfilled.

Every day I trust my partner more.

I choose to let go of all the feelings of jealousy.

I choose to let go of all the jealousy related thoughts.

I will not ruin any more relationships with my jealousy.

I am a naturally positive person.

I add value to any relationship.

I will get rid of any kind of jealousy in my life.

I am resilient.

I am good at blocking jealous thoughts.

I am confident and secure.

I enjoy being in relationships.

I discuss any issues with my partner.

I will not let my past issues reflect on my new relationship.

Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.

I trust that my partner and friends would never do anything to hurt me.

The decision that led me here was one of faith and courage. I no longer doubt it.

My timing is not up to question. I am neither late nor early. I am here exactly on time.

I trust and believe in my ability to become successful.

I am confident in my own relationships.

I am aware that jealousy is not serving me.

I release all negative thoughts I have of jealously.

I will not constantly accuse my partner of cheating.

Everything I desire is inside of me.

I find it easy not to get jealous in my relationship.

I release all the vengeful jealousy!

I love myself.

Each day I am trusting people around me more.

I will not let my past relationship issues affect my current one.

I am confident in myself.

I will become more confident within my relationship.

My progress is a thing of beauty even in its baby steps, and I am loving the slow turning of tide within me.

I honestly acknowledge my jealously and release its hold on me.

I have the ability to choose what I think.

People love being with me.

I believe in my abilities.

Other people are starting to notice how my confidence has increased.

I am satisfied with the person I am becoming.

I clear and release any and all ways I am holding on to jealousy!

I am satisfied with my body, character and personality.

I have trust in the people I surround myself with.

jealousy affirmations quotes

Affirmations to stop feeling jealous

I can easily express my opinions and feelings.

I realise that my partner chooses to be with me and nobody else.

I know that my partner would never do anything to intentionally hurt me.

I have found that being jealous only affects me negatively and I completely release it.

I make the best out of each and every situation.

I always attract positive people into my life.

I am learning to trust and not be a jealous person.

I am an amazing person worth loving.

I love who I am.

I will forget my past issues.

I have the power to turn any negative thought around.

I don’t need to compare myself to others.

My partners happiness is very important to me.

Being jealous of another is a sign that I am controlled by my sinful nature.

I trust myself fully and completely.

I choose to trust my partner.

I release all the emotional shocks and traumas which have created resulted in this jealousy!

Being less jealous has improved my life.

I will begin to smile more and show the world how happy I am.

I am blessed.

I know that I am an amazing person worth loving and being able to love in return.

I am secure, confident and independent.

I let go of all jealous feelings.

Jealousy and selfishness are not God’s kind of wisdom.

My jealousy is slowly melting away.

I clear all the ways I allow jealousy to direct my life!

I know that honesty is the best policy and creates a trust relationship.

I am above jealousy.

Having jealousy thoughts goes against self-love, so I choose to let go of them completely.

I am aligned with the divine.

My partner and I are both happy in our relationship.

I find that people are trusting me more.

I am constantly growing and expanding.

The jewel is hidden in the journey, not at the end, and I would not want to miss it by rushing along.

Every day I am overcoming my jealousy.

I attract people who love and value me.

Everyone loves me, adores me and values me.

Affirmations to block out jealous thoughts

I realize that it is important for my partner to have other friends.

I release all this burning jealousy!

I have everything that I need in this moment.

I release all my righteous jealousy!

I am unique and valuable exactly as I am.

I am perfect just the way I am.

I let go of the jealousy that`s been eating me from the inside.

I clear all the ways I am struggling with anxiety!

I am in charge of my feelings.

I am letting go of all my limiting beliefs.

I am unique and special.

The success of this or that person would look simply awkward and strange on me. I’m creating my own.

I trust my partner.

I realize that it is important for my partner to have other friends.

Jealousy affirmations to build more confidence

I am completely satisfied with my body, my character and my personality.

Others are envious of my trusting relationship.

I am on my path.

I clear all the ways I feel afraid and insecure!

I am loved, respected and appreciated.

I am naturally trusting of my partner.

I let go of all negative thoughts.

I improve my wellbeing by releasing jealous thoughts.

I am a highly positive person.

I feel my jealousy slowly melting away.

I release any past issues I had with jealousy.

I will not allow any negative thoughts to enter my mind.

My life and relationship are great.

The past is none of my concern. I am done looking back and sighing “what if“.

Jealousy and selfish ambition causes boasting and lying.

I am always respected and appreciated.

My mind is my best friend.

I clear all the ways I am inflamed with jealousy!

I have no reason to feel jealous.

I am excited and enthusiastic towards life.

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