If you have lost a loved one, the pain and suffering can sometimes be unbearable.

You need time to grief and process this life changing episode, and support around you is very important.

That said, you can take steps to improve your situation on your own too.

Using grief affirmations can take you out of that darkness and back to normalcy.

It is hard to let go, but it can be done.

Make use of these mourning affirmations to help cope with your loss today.

It will seem counterintuitive, but in death, you can still find positivity.

Take this step to bring happiness back into your life.

The Best Grief Affirmations to Help With Loss

grief affirmations
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The list is long, and every single affirmation can make an impact to you, as long as you start to believe.

That is the most important first step.

To get over your loss, you must be willing to take the first step to acknowledge and overcome it.


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Affirmations for letting go

I can hold on to love and let go of grief

I release the belief that I have lost everything.

I allow myself to grieve then move on.

I am finding strength in myself as I grieve.

I release the belief that this is all just too much for me.

I can find happiness in any situation.

I allow my soul to get better slowly.

I love myself completely.

I am always healing, and never alone.

I will work on accepting myself while grieving, one moment, one step at a time.

I can still feel the love the world has to offer me.

I shall pick the good things from this phase and move on.

I release all these feelings of loneliness and isolation.

I feel my angels holding me today as I grieve.

My heart is at peace.

The universe lifts me, supports me, guides me.

I am protected and pampered.

There is no right way to grieve.

All things are unfolding as they are supposed to.

I have eternal gratitude and awe for life’s blessings.

I choose to feel the presence of my loved one.

I am safe and loved.

I focus on my blessings, goals and memories.

I am ready for the new chapter of my life.

I am completely present in the moment.

I am through grieving today and I move onto other emotions.

I release fear.

I am not sad about it as I am a good student and I am learning.

I release all my feelings of isolation.

I choose to heal my hurt spirit.

I am no longer afraid of the grief as it is about to teach me something.

I will never be the same person again, yet, that is okay.

I shall overcome this grief easily.

I release disgust.

I love my soul and I shall not let it suffer.

I will accomplish my goals today.

I release the belief that I am not safe in the world.

I can still see the love in the world.

I am sad but that is temporary and happiness is permanent.

I am in control of my emotions.

I shall help my soul overcome all the miseries.

I release trauma.

My life has purpose and I live today in compassion and love.

I clear all the ways I am worrying myself sick.

My grief matters.

I shall let go of all the resistance to this situation.

I shall be supported by the Universe in every situation.

I will keep working hard and bend the situations to my favor.

I clear all the ways I feel I have no one to turn to.

I release and completely let go of all this anguish, grief and trauma.

I am discovering new strengths within myself.

I clear all the ways I am completely devastated.

I know that happiness is about to come into my life.

I completely trust the entire process of the Universe.

Love guides all my relationships.

I am grateful for my relationships.

I can focus on being productive today.

I shall help my heart to heal.

Letting go is a part of life.

I can be happy and optimistic.

It is healthy for me to let go.

I’m in tune with the Universal energy.

I release anxiety.

I clear all the ways I am holding on so tightly just to survive.

I will use my voice to ask for help.

I shall take proper care of my healing process.

I clear all the ways I feel vengeful.

I pledge to be gentle with myself as I plow through grief.

I am aware that helping others with their lives will help me to find hope in my own life.

Affirmations to deal with loss

I release struggle.

I clear all the ways I am weary and sick and tired of feeling this way.

I release any ways I feel guilty.

I clear all the ways I feel completely devastated.

I will always choose happiness over grief.

In my grief, I love myself.

I am constantly thinking about the great and happy moments.

I can accept help when it’s offered.

I can pay tribute by living my own life in a beautiful way.

These lessons in life are extremely important.

I am shattered but I am not broken.

I will always accept the help people have to offer me whenever I am in pain.

I absolve myself from all guilt, except for downing a pint of chocolate ice cream.

I will ride this grief roller-coaster as best I can, one moment at a time.

Every goodbye is just another beginning.

I am healed.

I release all the tension and pain of holding on too tightly.

Healing takes time.

Today is for healing.

I shall always focus on the opportunities that every situation brings to me rather than grieving about the loss.

I am willing to release any negative fearful idea from my mind and body and life.

I am being prepared for the next phase of my life by the Universe.

I think it is completely healthy to let go in life.

I am completely healed from my pains and miseries.

I have lived and loved. I give and receive love today.

I will find people who will listen and walk this grief road with me.

I am entitled to take breaks from grief. Grief is totally exhausting and I need to recoup to travel forward.

Every day I feel better and happier.

grief affirmations to overcome loss

I know I am strong enough to let go of this pain

I release all this trauma, grief and pain I am carrying in my mind, body and energy field.

I release all these feelings of panic.

I clear all the ways I struggle just to find a little relief.

Letting go is just another part of my life.

I trust the process of the Universe.

I clear all the ways I feel so miserable.

I am not fearful of the new phase to come into my life.

I feel grateful towards the Universe as it is guiding me to somewhere better.

I love myself.

I shall let my soul connect with the divine to let it heal completely.

Letting go is very easy for me.

I am surrounded by support, seen and unseen.

I know that it is great to see an end to my journey of grief but in the end, it is the journey that matters.

I will take the time to care for my needs today.

I clear all the ways I have nowhere to turn.

My heart feels lighter every day.

I can feel happy and hopeful today.

I am connecting with my soul essence.

Everything is happening for my betterment.

I rest today when I need it.

I will feel my grief but not wallow in it.

I am strong because of what I have been through.

My constant efforts will take me out of this situation super soon.

I can ask for help if I need it.

My heart will heal soon as my happiness lies within me.

I relax and let all the feelings flow through today.

I clear all the ways this fear has caused me to contract and constrict.

Pain and pleasure are parts of two coins.

Affirmations when someone dies

Grief reminds me that I’m alive.

I know that my heart will ache more on anniversary dates and holidays so I will make preparations to avoid being blindsided.

I am ready to let go.

I find gratitude by living my life the way I want it.

I vow to dump all my feelings of “it shouldn’t have happened to me.” It did happen, it sucks, and I am coping.

I allow myself to feel this fully, to be here.

I take care of myself as I heal.

I am one with the energy of the Universe.

I release terror.

Healing takes time and I give myself this gift.

I am a super optimistic person.

My happiness lies within me.

I recognize painful moments but I know it will pass.

I release grief.

So what days are rough today good days are about to enter my life.

I release any ways I feel responsible.

I will not let my emotions sway me from my path.

I release all these unrelenting, painful thoughts and emotions.

I let go of my sorrow, but hold onto my love for my loved one.

I know that my support system is there for me forever.

I am fully present in this moment.

I am ready to start living my life again.

I am gaining new experiences.

My focus is on my blessings.

Loss is confusing. I’ll be patient with myself.

I am taking my time to grieve.

I can still feel blessed and loved.

I have released all the pain and hurt from my heart to let it heal.

I heal with curiosity, presence, and hope.

The Universe wraps me in Her arms.

When I bring myself to grief, It is healing.

I am affirmative that everything is happening for my well-being.

In my grief, I have changed

I release turmoil.

I release shock.

I clear all the ways I am completely crushed.

I have lived and loved.

I clear all the ways I can’t get relief from these thoughts.

I am the reason of my happiness.

I am not angry. I’m grieving.

I release the belief that I will never recover from this.

I clear all the ways this should not have happened to me.

I clear all the ways I am digging my heels in and resisting with all my might.

I clear the pain of having been lied to.

Happy memories are becoming comforting rather than upsetting.

I release worry

I clear all the ways I feel angry and disgusted.

Today, I choose to heal.

I let go of my resistance to this situation.

Everything must come to an end.

I clear all the ways I feel I am being attacked.

I allow myself to feel my grief and then let go.

I am striving to become better.

I forgive myself for not being perfect.

I will never be the same person and that is okay for now.

I know the problem is difficult but I will overcome it soon.

I have learnt the lesson life wanted to teach me through this.

I allow my body to grieve and process.

I am learning to heal my inner child and make her feel that she has not been abandoned.

I accept what I cannot change and find the courage to change the things I can.

I take comfort in the support and love from others.

The worse the situation will be the better I will get.

I chose to stay happy today.

I am grateful for memories shared with my loved one.

My life is expanding in every eternal moment.

I am happy that life is decluttering the bad influences of my life.

I feel comfortable when I am supported by others.

I deserve to be happy and enjoy life.

I am eternal affirmations

I have taken the right decision to let go and I shall stick to it

I am not going to hold back.

I am looking for the lesson this situation has to teach me.

I clear all the ways my body is under intense pressure.

I clear all the ways this pain and torment just goes on and on.

I am loved. I know it, and treasure it.

I release the belief that I will never recover from this.

I can be gentle with myself as I heal.

I may feel numb at times. That’s okay. My heart is working to manage the unmanageable.

There are many things I won’t understand. I’ll be patient with myself.

I am moving onto the positive emotions from this feeling of grief.

I am looking at the brighter side of this situation.

I am surrounded by the most supportive people in my life.

It is all about the present and I must allow myself to live fully in the present.

It’s okay to be angry at having to grieve.

I am grateful for all the happy memories that I have shared.

I release the belief that my life is destroyed.

Letting go comes easy for me.

I love life, and life loves me.

Everyone’s life has meaning.

I am trying to be open to new ideas, with a little prodding, and a lot of deep breaths.

Grief is a call for me to wake up and live, and love, even more.

I feel grateful for all the love in my life.

I clear all the ways I feel so alone.

I take the way it is and do not let any situation affect my emotional state.

It’s okay that I need time to grieve.

I am taking my space and time and steadily moving towards happiness.

This situation was a necessity.

I release all these feelings of desperation.

Grieving takes time. I am patient with my healing process.

I release anger.

I am so grateful our paths crossed.

I exorcize the belief that I will never recover from this loneliness.

I release all my feelings of injustice, it’s just not right or fair.

Happiness and grief are the two sides of the same coin.

Every part of me is getting the optimum benefit from affirmations.

I clear all the ways I feel vulnerable and unsupported.

I am moving through grief, and on to other emotions.

I focus on the blessings and love that are being showered on me rather than the pain.

I am a divine being and these griefs are making me stronger with each passing moment.

I clear all the ways my world has come crashing down.

I am gentle and I allow myself to heal.

I shall overcome all the roadblocks in my life.

I clear all the ways I can’t get this out of my mind.

I am worthy and deserving of love.

I am never alone in my grief.

I can cope with the grieving process.

This loss is the beginning of a new chapter.

I clear all the ways this pressure is unrelenting.

I clear all the ways no one understands how I feel.

It may hurt right now but I will surely understand what it means later in the future.

I am prepared to embrace eternity.

Grief is but an emotion and I must feel grief to understand the importance of happiness.

I shall continue my life ahead with the happy memories that I have.

It’s okay to take time to grieve.

I give myself the time and space to get over my grief.

This is just a small phase in my life and will soon pass.

I am moving through grief, and on to other emotions.

I am thankful for all the great relationships in my life.

My life is a celebration of their life.

I release all these feelings of helplessness.

I will give myself a break today.

I’m missing you. Feeling alone is natural when grieving.

I choose to feel at peace today.

I release hurt and pain to heal my heart.

I am completely prepared to let go.

I honor the love more than the loss.

I release the feeling that I just can’t go on.

I am full of hope and faith that the dark clouds will soon pass.

I take comfort in the memories of my loved one.

I look for the rainbows after the storm.

I am going the right way.

I clear all the ways I dwell on painful memories.

I clear all the ways I just can’t function.

I release resistance.

Universes is trying to unfold new opportunities for me.

I welcome this new beginning in my life with open arms.

I claim my power. I am worthy. I matter. I can do this.

I am forever changed and that is OK.

I forgive anyone close to me who has died.

I clear all the ways nothing is as I thought it was.

I embrace everything that the Universe has to offer as life is happening for me.

I am thankful for the time I shared with my loved one.

I choose love. I choose to heal.

I am focused on the happy and cheerful memories.

Everything is under control.

I release all these feelings of being sick to my stomach.

I release all fear and doubts to embrace the infinite.

I am able to look ahead to a bright future.

I release the belief that people can’t be trusted and the world is not safe.

Because my love is deep, my grief may be intense. Tears are natural and healthy.

This pain is making me stronger with each passing day.

When I am alone, I will remember that I am with a cool person, me.

I release the belief that I can’t survive or ever get over this.

Grief gives me wings with which I spread love.

I am gentle with myself as I heal.

Death does not break the bond of love.

The pain in my heart will heal.

In my sadness, I love myself.

I release the tension in my body and relax.

I give myself time and space to feel all my feelings.

I am full of enthusiasm and positivity.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed but I will feel better soon.

I will not hold onto my emotions and feel the way I feel as it makes me human.

I will hold on to love and release the grief.

I have the blessing of the Universe I shall overcome this grief soon.

I allow my body to grieve for the moment and not feel anything anymore.

I will never surrender to my emotions.

I am thankful for whatever I have.

Slowly but surely, I am making a new life for myself.

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