Do You Have any Regrets?

RegretsI hear people all of the time talk about regrets they have. They regret not going to college or breaking up with their ex. I question these regrets because regretting something is looking at a situation in a negative light. We need to learn how to live life without regrets and be happy with how life turns out for us.

My Then-Biggest Regret

Before I changed my thinking and no longer regretted anything, I too had regrets. One of my big regrets was not majoring in finance when I went to college. I started out as a criminal justice major. I never was that interested in much of the subject matter that was being taught. Eventually, late in my sophomore year, I switched over to business and primarily took finance courses. Those courses excited me and I was eager to go to class.

After graduating, I decided to move on to graduate school, but my undergraduate grades weren’t the best. So, I returned to my alma mater to take some more business courses to show the graduate schools I was applying to that I could handle the work load. This ended up setting me back both in terms of working and earning a living as well adding some student loan debt to my name.

I ended up regretting everything because I wasn’t where I wanted to be with certain aspects of my life. But as I thought more and more about this regret, I realized that I didn’t regret it all.

Why I Don’t Have Regrets

To me, if you currently regret something, that means you are unhappy with how your life has turned out. Take a look around you and ask yourself if you are happy or not. Most likely you are happy and therefore cannot regret what happened because if it didn’t happen, you wouldn’t be where you are right now or who you are right now.

For those of you that answered you are not happy, I ask you this. Are you comfortable giving up your job, the relationships you developed? Are you comfortable with giving up everything, and I mean everything that has happened to you since your regret? If you aren’t comfortable with this, then you cannot have regret. You are actually thankful for those things that you have.

Still there will be that small group of you that actually does regret. For you I offer this: hold on and keep moving forward. You don’t know why you went through what you did. But one day, it will all work out perfectly. You just have to trust and to believe. Do not give up hope, because you never know when the “payoff” will present itself to you.

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1 thought on “Do You Have any Regrets?”

  1. Hi
    You have dwelt at length on regret and this is some thing which assails a lot of people.However it is important to remember that regret is directly related to the past.It pertains to some event that is over,and you wanted things to transpire otherwise.
    Wel,l its a waste of time and a waste to precious life energy.
    It makes you feel stale.Then what is the alternative?
    just decide firmly to learn your lesson,and move on.But don’t remain anguished forever.

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