Interviews Gone Awry: 12 Instances of Rude Behavior That Left Candidates No Choice but to Bolt


Do you ever feel like some interviewers just don’t understand the concept of a job candidate having any feelings or human decency?

Well, you’re not alone.

Many others have experienced the same rude behavior from employers that wasn’t only inappropriate but also left them with no other choice than to bolt out of the interview.

From interrogations regarding irrelevant topics to blatant lack of respect for the applicant’s time, we will take a look at 12 shock-worthy instances in which candidates had to put their foot down and say, “Enough is enough.”

Get ready as we reveal these outrageous tales!

#1. Scolding Them for Having Other Responsibilities

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People should have a life and things they need to do outside of work.

Some employers want full commitment, the ability to micromanage an employee, and the insurance they can’t leave them and go anywhere else.

Those with these kinds of interviewers who scolded them for needing time for other things rescinded their application as soon as the topic arose.

#2. Asking for Free Work

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There are companies out there that ask candidates to complete a task during an interview that requires intensive work to the degree that you’re almost performing the job.

This is a major red flag that encourages some to leave before an employer ropes them into doing a free task without hiring them.

#3. Trying to Immediately Expand Their Responsibilities

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When interviewing for a specific role, you’re expecting to perform the duties within that role.

Interviewers who have immediately expressed that the responsibilities will be greater than what was listed in the job posting (without any additional rewards or incentives) face rejection quickly.

#4. Only Focused on What They’ll Receive By Hiring

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Employers should understand that your work is a transactional relationship whereby they receive something of benefit, and you do, too.

There are people out there who have had interviewers interrupt their train of thought to tell them whatever they said wasn’t relevant and that they should instead tell them more about what they’ll get out of hiring the candidate.

#5. Aggressive and/or Pessimistic Behavior

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Not all representatives of a company are happy or positive people.

There are interviewers out there who are dull, aggressive, or otherwise not making the job seem like a great opportunity, making it hard to push through an interview.

#6. Bragging About Lack of Benefits and Other Downsides

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Many employers leverage things like health insurance, 401(k)s, and other benefits as a selling point to get great employees in.

Other companies are proud that they offer nothing and try to trick candidates with other selling points.

The result?

Interviewees thank the interviewer for wasting their time and leave.

#7. Looking for a Major Weakness They’re Not Working on

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Preparing yourself for the question, “What’s your biggest weakness?” is something everyone does before an interview.

The problem?

Some interviewers are actually interested in asking for a weakness you don’t know about and aren’t working on, leaving the interview at a standstill.

#8. Acting Condescending About Resume Points

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There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of time on your resume, only for someone who thinks they’re better than you to pick it apart and ridicule your experience and education.

That puts them on the fast track to get rejected mid-interview almost immediately.

#9. Insulting the Interviewee

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Some interviewers will make subtle, snide remarks that you have to read into.

Other people have encountered interviewers who will insult them outright, driving them out of the interview because they know this position is not the right fit for them with management like that.

#10. Showing Up Late to the Interview

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You respect an interviewer’s time by making sure that you show up on time, and you expect them to do the same.

Unfortunately, not all interviewees will respect your time, and this has led to multiple instances of leaving once the interviewer gets there to let them know that they wasted their time and that this type of behavior demonstrates how the company functions.

#11. Continuously Cut Interviewees Off and Interrupt Them

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Many candidates have had interviews with potential employers where the interviewer will cut them off mid-response to say something non-essential.

Of course, this shows a blatant lack of respect, leading candidates to look elsewhere for work.

#12. Make Them “Perform”

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While it can sound terrible, there are interviewers out there who expect a certain personality or performance when they’re interviewing someone.

Many have interviewed with someone who told them to smile more or stop being so stiff, which prompted a quick end to the interview.

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